Who we are

Catherine Fletcher

Catherine Fletcher is Associate Professor in History and Heritage at Swansea University. As Lecturer in Public History at the University of Sheffield she initiated the project in 2013.

Julia Bradley is a project intern during April and May 2016, working on promotion and publicity for the project to tie into the launch of Catherine’s biography of Alessandro. Her role is funded by Swansea University’s SPIN scheme.

Emma Newman worked as a researcher on Project Alex in June and July 2013, funded by the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) scheme.


Leyla Yilmaz developed the project’s schools workshops during June and July 2013, funded by the University of Sheffield’s Arts Enterprise initiative.



Bella Peniston and Keir Shields worked on our Festival of the Mind performance, The Assassin’s Masquerade, in September 2014, funded by Arts Enterprise and the Festival of the Mind. Our theatre workshops for this event were supported by Heather Shaw. Tim Shephard, from the University of Sheffield Music Department advised on music, which Hector Sequera and his ensemble played.

2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. I will never give up my dream of seeing this story come to the big screen or the little screen. I cannot believe others out the across the waters appreciate the historical significance of Alessandro de Medici as I have for over ten years. How can I become part of the Project Alex? Please try to get Catherine interviewed on some US broadcasts.

    • Thanks for your comment! The US edition of the book comes out in September and I will be coming over to speak about it – I’ll post more details as events/broadcasts are arranged. And I would also love to have a TV or film version… it’s early days but we’re working on it! Catherine

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